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Theory & Performance of Electrical Machines by JB Gupta


Theory & Performance of Electrical Machines by JB Gupta is appropriate for electrical engineering streams. The book comes with multiple chapters and objective type questions so as to give you a better understanding of the subject. The book covers class 6th Semester syllabus for B.Tech and engineering streams.The book, Theory, And Performance Of Electrical Machines serves as a guide for students of Electrical Engineering. 

Theory & Performance Of Electrical Machines by JB Gupta is the most preferred textbook of electrical student for electrical machine chapter. It is one of the best electrical machine book.

Book Name – Theory & Performance of Electrical Machines by J B Gupta
Author – J B Gupta
Publisher – Katson Books
No of Pages – 775

Edition – Fifteenth Edition – january, 2015
Reprint – 2017 (With Minor corrections and amendments )
MRP – Rs. 625

Table of Contents:

Part-I: DC Machines

  • Magnetic Circuits and Induction
  • Principles of Electromechanical Energy Conversion
  • Basic Concepts of Rotating Electrical Machines
  • Construction of DC Machines
  • Armature Reaction and Commutation in DC Machines
  • Operating Characteristics and Application of DC Generators
  • Parallel Operation of DC Generators
  • Operating Characteristics and Applications of DC Motors
  • Speed Control, Starting and Braking of DC Motors
  • Losses, Testing and Maintenance of DC Machines
  • Special Types of DC Machines
  • Thyristor Control of Electric Motors
  • Objective Type Questions

Part-II: Polyphase Circuits

  • Polyphase Circuits
  • Objective Questions with Answers

Part-III: AC Machines

  • Transformers
  • Transformers (Continued)
  • Synchronous Generators or Alternators
  • Rotating Magnetic Fields
  • Synchronous Motors
  • Parallel Operation of Alternators
  • Construction, Theory and Operation of Polyphase Induction Motors
  • Starting, Speed Control and Braking of Polyphase Induction Motors
  • Special Induction and Polyphase Commutator Machines
  • Fractional Kilowatt Motors
  • Synchronous Converters
  • Rectifiers
  • Objective Questions with Answers
  • Index

This book covers all topics required for electrical machine subject.

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