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Electrical Power Systems by SL Uppal and S Rao

Electrical Power Systems by SL Uppal and S Rao

This book Electrical Power Systems by SL Uppal and S Rao is meant to serve as a textbook for the students of B.Tech.; B.E.Degree ; diploma; students preparing for GATE,UPSC Engineering Services; AMIE and other similar professional and competitive examinations. This book infact is the First course book for all the students of Electrical Engineering where almost all the topics starting from Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Protection and Utilization of Electrical Energy are covered in one single book, it can be easily called as the handbook both for the students and practicing engineers.

Book Contents

1A. Introduction to Electrical Power Generation, Energy Resources and Power Plants
1B. Alternative and Renewable Energy Power Plants and Energy Storage Plants
2. Coal Fired Thermal Power Stations
3A. Gas Turbine Power Plants and Combined Cycle Power Plants
3B. Diesel Power Stations
4. Hydro-Electric Power Plants
5. Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Reactors and Nuclear Power Plants
6. Magneto Hydro Dynamic (MHD) System of Power Generation
7. Load Curves, Load Factor and Plant Factors
8. Economic Considerations• Power Costing, Plant Reserves and Tariff
9. Transmission and Distribution
10. Overhead Lines and its Mechanical Characteristics
11. Line Insulators
12. Constants of Transmission Line
13. Short Transmission Lines
14. Long Transmission Lines - Exact Solution
15. Economic Principles of Transmission and Economic Operation of Power System
16. Power Factor Improvement and Compensation of Reactive Power
17. D.C. Distribution
18. A.C. Distributors
19. Power Cables
20. Circle Diagram
21. Power System Stability
21A. Power System Planning
22. Parallel Operation of Interconnected Stations
23. Voltage Regulation, Voltage Control and AVR
24. 24 Substations - AC, HVDC, GIS
25. Corona and Corona Losses
26A. Extra High Voltage (EHV) AC Transmission and Compensation
of Reactive Power, SUS
26B. HVDC Transmission
27. Symmetrical Short-circuit Current and Short-circuit KVA Calculations
28. Bus bar System and Reactors
29. Symmetrical Component
30. Unsymmetrical, Faults Solution by Symmetrical Components
31. Neutral Earthing
32. Numerical Methods and the Load Flow Problem
33. Fuses
34. Switchgear and Circuit•breaker Principles
35. Types of High Voltage AC Circuit•Breakers, Selection, Installation and Maintenance
36. Protective Relaying Electromagnetic and Static Relays
37. Protection of AC Motors, AC Generators and Power Transformers
38. Protection for Feeders, Busbers and Transmission Lines
39. Protection Against Lightning and Insulation Co-ordination
40. Transients Using Laplace Transforms
41. Transmission Line Surges
42. Industrial Utilization of Electric Motors and Drives
43. Electrical Heating and Welding
44. Illumination
45. Electrolytic Processes
46. Systems of Electric Traction
47. Speed Time Curve and Mechanics of Train Movement
48. Power Supply for Electrical Traction
49. Traction Motors
50. Control of Traction Motors, Control Equipment, Wheel Arrangement and
Transmission of Drive
51. Braking
52. Electrical Safety, Electric Shocks and their Prevention

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