The discharge over a rectangular weir, considering the velocity of approach, is (whereH1 = H + Ha = Total height of water above the weir, H = Height of water over the crest of the weir, and Ha = Height of water due to velocity of approach)

  • A(2/3) Cd × L.√2g [H1 - Ha]
  • B(2/3) Cd × L. √2g [H13/2 - Ha3/2]
  • C(2/3) Cd × L.√2g [H12 - Ha2]
  • D(2/3) Cd × L. √2g [H15/2 - Ha5/2]
Correct Answer : (B)

(2/3) Cd × L. √2g [H13/2 - Ha3/2]

Hints :

According to Bernoulli's equation for steady ideal fluid flow


A Francis turbine is used when the available head of water is

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