Nichrome wire is an alloy of

  • ALead and zinc
  • BAnd vanadium
  • CNickel and chromium
  • DCopper and silver
Correct Answer : (C)

Nickel and chromium

Hints :

Nichrome wire is an alloy of Nickel and chromium.

  • Nichrome has a high melting point of about 1,400 ?C (2,550 ?F), and has an electrical resistivity of around 112 microOhm-cm, which is around 66 times higher resistivity than copper of 1.678 microOhm-cm.
  • It is used in heating elements such as hair dryers, heat guns and Ovens.
  • Nichrome is used to make the coils used in water heaters.
  • Nichrome is used in the explosives and fireworks industry as a bridgewire in electric ignition systems, such as electric matches and model rocket igniters.

OHM?S law is not applicable to


Which is the best conductor of electricity?

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